Cutting-edge Technology, Simple Operation, Reliable Results

Etech currently supplies thirty more lab instruments and more coming. Etech has a mission to design products of high precision, high efficiency (automation and simple operation) and high reliability. Ensure customers confidently use them in petrochemical, environment and other field.

Online Analyzer, Real-time Control

Etech online analyzer provides customers a way of real-time monitoring their product line. It delivers fast, timely and continuous measurement to assure the product quality and improve the productivity.

Supply All Kinds of Reagents, Specific Analytical Software  

We provide all kinds of JB reagents for your convenience. Please fill the form any reagent you want.

We also provide self developed software used to control product quality.


Etech incorporates many excellent features in the Analyzer

  • High Safety Standards
  • Precision
  • Modern Design
  • Fully Automated
  • Intuitive, Simple Operation
  • Fast Analysis
  • Innovative
  • Compact Size


Etech provides wide range products such as Auto-sampler, Flash point, Vapor Pressure, Distillation Tester and more. Industry served such as petrochemical, environmental, marine and other related.We also provide excellent customer support with expert technology at extensive locations. Qualified representatives will give you quality service and satisfaction.

Our Mission

Etech has the mission to design and manufacture great products with innovative concept and technologies. Our products have their distinctive features and are proved to be accurate, efficient, stable and safer.


Follow our new steps


Total acid number analyzer

Our Total acid number analyzer is coming end of this year



Gas piping leak detector

Gas piping leak detector will help you secure your product line.



Automatic freeze point analyzer

The automatic freeze point analyzer will be ready this year